Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kith & Kin

The colors for the challenge at Black with Two are black, gray and yellow, one of my favorite combinations. Sorry the picture is so light, but anything that appears white is actually my favorite pale yellow. What appears blue in the picture is actually gray. The photo is of my cousin and me - when I was 14.

Now for my secrets. The black butterflies on the right are because I'm left handed and got some of the buttercup liquid pearls from the yellow butterfly trail on the side of my hand and then left little spots on the right side of the paper, so those cover the spots. The title is kith and kin because I didn't have enough of the letter S to spell cousins.


  1. lovely layout vicki! love the flowers thanks for playing along at BW2 cheers!

  2. This is beautiful Vicki, love this color combo, will have to check out their site, this one is new to me.

  3. A lovely LO Vicki. Pity about the colour, but the bright yellow stands out so well. Thanks for playing along with us at BW2.