Sunday, July 22, 2012

Grandma in the wild

When at the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage my oldest daughter took a picture of me and commented that she got a picture of a grandma in the wild. I asked if she was sending it to her brother and sister and she said good idea. My younger daughter replied to the picture "catch her." This and a picture I took of myself in the hotel room are the only pictures of me on the trip.

The sketch is from The ScrapRoom Blog and the color inspiration from ScrapFit - workout #72.


  1. Great layout! It's hard to get photos of the scrapbookers...they are usually the ones with the cameras! Glad your daughter caught you!

  2. love the grid and wonderful LO!!!! Thanks sooo much for playing along with ScrapFIT!!!

  3. What a beautiful way to capture this fabulous memory of your special time with your granddaughter. Such a fun conversation!! Thanks for working out with us at ScrapFIT! ~ Blessings