Thursday, September 9, 2010

My messy space

Lori at Life is This has a gorgeous newly redone craft space that she is showing. She asked to see others' spaces as well, so here is mine. In the photo you can see my cardstock, cricut, drawers (with bling, cricut cartridges, doilles, embellishments), peg board (now fuller than when I took the picture) and a little of the table I work at. Yes those are dolls in tackle boxes above, below and behind the peg board - I have a collection of 400+ Kelly dolls (Barbie's little sister) and while I haven't added to the collection for over a year, I can't face packing them away yet.


  1. I love your space Vicki - it looks so neat and organized and I love the paper racks like that!!

    Thaks for visiting!

  2. Great space Vicki. I have a collection of Kellys too. Mine are packed away now. Not near as many as you do though. They used to have a special shelf all along the ceiling at my old house. When I moved 4 years ago, they got packed up and put in storage at my other house. I don't have room to display in my room now. Nice job.